Seamus Breslin

Seamus Breslin

Seamus Breslin

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Nelson Ronkin

VP of Product, CyGlass

Seamus has been instrumental in transforming CyGlass into the product it is today. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs by being able to explore user stories and POCs with Seamus' designs. His clear thinking and ability to create prototypes that our clients could view, was instrumental in winning new business.

Ross Keating

CEO, The Lennox Academy

A total professional. Seamus is such an excellent designer and communicator, but as importantly, he's an absolute pleasure to work with. He understands what I want even before I do. I can't possibly recommend Seamus more.

Mo Elkhatib

CEO, Anomalix

I love working with this guy. He's honest, hardworking, and always willing to go the extra mile when we're a little stuck on time. He's been instrumental in fleshing out key Jobs to be Done for our users, from which we could develop with more certainty.

Martin Wartak

CTO, Entromy

We went to Seamus with a need for help with a UI refresh and some challenging questions around functionality. Honestly, he thinks of things that have never occurred to me, and is always thinking of the end user. He completely delivers on everything we've thrown at him.

Peter Boyle

CTO, Burning Tree

This guy is the real deal. You can throw a vision for software at him—a mere idea—and he can unpack it and rebuild it into a clickable prototype that feels like it has been years in the making. If you're at the stage of refreshing years of engineering builds to uncover a user-friendly product, then please don't look past Seamus. He's an absolute joy to work with and delivers time and again.